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Home Internet Package

Last updated : 17 July 2024

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True GIGATEX Fiber

These are best packages that we recommend for foreign customers.

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A3 ENG.png
B1 ENG.png
AP ENG.png

We have many other packages available, but it might not be suitable for foreign customers as most of it come with a 24-month contract. If you need additional promotions, please request them via LINE: @truewifi

Installation Costs& Initial fee

- Pay an initial fee of
450 THB to the technician on the installation day.
- This amount will be refunded as a 450 THB discount on your first bill.

*Free installation and fiber optic cable setup.

The service bill will be sent later via SMS and the True iService app.

How to start?

  • Prepare your documents:

    • Lease Agreement or Work Permit

    • Passport

  • Add LINE ID: @truewifi (Official Dealer LINE Account). Share your location in the LINE app for checking your service area/condo to determine the type of internet line available.

  • Send your required documents for registration and complete the consent agreement in the LINE app.

  • A Call Center representative from 1242 will verify your information and make an appointment.

We will use pictures of the following documents:

  1. Your passport - First Page

  2. Your lease agreement

  3. Your selfie showing your passport (first page and the page with the agreement signature)

  4. Your mobile phone number

We can complete the registration after you have all the required documents. Send them to us, and then our appointment will be held in the next 2 days.


Please reminded, all packages are at least 1 year contract.

If you don't have all documents above, your request won't be approved 

info EN-01.jpg

Nationwide , Please check your area first

True Online Home Internet

Certified by True Corporation

 Working Hours  09.00 - 24.00 น.

Please prepare your information

Your address and documents 

More informations at LINE Official
Checking Service Area + Registration

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LINE Official : @truewifi
Fast and Easy

"We are Authorized Dealer"
Working Hours  09.00 - 24.00

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